SelectUSA Investment Summit Proves Imperative for Global Investment

Marlon Webb Senior Director, 区域经济发展

With over 4,900 attendees, 83 international markets, and 55 US states and territories, the 2023选择美国投资峰会 was the largest Investment Summit to date. 的 event provided opportunities for all in attendance to make meaningful, intentional connections that could ultimately lead to the next investment and 创新, 尤其是在印第安纳州中部.

Summits like this can attract diverse participants, 包括投资者, 企业家, and representatives from various industries. Representatives from Central Indiana were able to engage with these individuals and identify potential business opportunities, 吸引投资, and promote economic growth for the entire region. 的 Indiana Economic Development Corporation provided great visibility for the State of Indiana through its planning and implementation of the Welcome Reception for all attendees at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, engagement at their exhibition booth, and Governor Holcomb’s remarks during the Workforce Development: Economic Prosperity and Job Creation panel discussion.

在整个峰会期间, 两个关键, influential legislations garnered a myriad of attention; the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors and Science (CHIPS) Act and Inflation Reduction Act that Congress passed last year. 的se acts not only spurred conversation but also gave attendees insight into what future investment and 创新 within the US could entail, especially given the number of potential foreign investors and businesses present at the Investment Summit.

This leads to a greater conversation surrounding the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI). FDI is a crucial component of many economies around the world. It refers to an investment made by a company or individual in one’s country into a business or community in another country. 的 goal is establishing a lasting interest and significant control over the foreign business or planting roots within a community through traditional business attraction efforts.

Several factors are essential for foreign direct investment:

  1. 政治稳定: A stable political environment is essential for attracting foreign investment. Investors must be confident that the government will not engage in policies that harm their investments.
  2. 经济政策: Investors need to be confident that the government has sound economic policies that will ensure stability and growth over the long term.
  3. 基础设施:基础设施发达, 比如交通, 电信, 和公用事业, is vital to support business operations.
  4. 市场准入: Investors will want to know they have access to a large and growing market for their products or services.
  5. 劳动力: A well-educated and trained workforce is essential for a foreign business to operate successfully in a new market.
  6. 法律及规管架构: A transparent legal and regulatory environment is essential for foreign investors, as it ensures that they will be treated fairly and can operate within the laws of the host country.

全球印第商业中心 plays a significant role in economic development, 创新, and fostering entrepreneurial activities, making foreign direct investment more attainable for international businesses wanting to come to Central Indiana. Providing infrastructure and resources, 全球印第商业中心 provides work and conference space in downtown Indianapolis designed for international companies headquartered overseas. 的 Business Center provides three to six months of access, including wraparound services to help tenants explore, understand and launch in the Indianapolis regional market.

整体, a supportive business environment that provides a level playing field for all investors, 国外和国内, is essential for attracting and retaining foreign direct investment. It would be advantageous for community leaders throughout the Indy region to continue to foster and continue to be leaders in such a supportive business environment should Central Indiana want to capitalize on the potential investment and 创新 that is coming down the pipeline, given the ease of opportunity Congress provided through both the CHIPS and Science and Inflation Reduction Acts.

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